Win $250 By Sharing Your Story

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I am holding a contest and the 1st place winner receives $250, second $100, and third $50.

One of the biggest challenges for me to reach out and touch people’s lives is the lack of trust and huge amounts of skepticism out in the world. It is a good thing that there is skepticism though, because much of the programs and information online as well as on TV is junk/garbage/worthless/scam.

I believe that the programs I have work, and that I create high value for each and every person who I am able to touch, and I hope you believe the same.

In order for me to touch more people I need to increase trust for someone new checking out my programs, as well as well as decreasing the skepticism in people’s minds. How do I do that?

I NEED Your Help!

By having hundreds of everyday people like yourself who have benefited from my programs share with me a video testimonial. It is super simple!

1. Have someone use a digital picture camera or whatever other camera and have it on the video setting.

2. Answer these 6 specific questions:

-What were you most frustrated with before coming to Dustin’s program?

-What specific body parts were you having issues with before working with Dustin?

-What were you most skeptical of before joining Dustin’s program?

-What had you tried in the past?

-What specific, measurable results have you seen?

-What would you tell your best friend who is considering joining Dustin’s program?

3. Make sure in the video you DON’T use specific names of my programs, keep it generic by saying Dustin’s program, or Dustin’s workout or Dustin’s eating plans.

4. Save video to your computer.

5. Go to http://www.yousendit.com and on the form on the left side of the page send to fitmomsforlife@gmail.com, in the subject line write your name and where you are from, and in the message section please write what programs you have participated in… bootcamps, mamatone, fit moms for life, got core, grocery tour, etc. Click the browse button and find where your video was saved and then click send it. That’s it!

6. The deadline to submit is April 10th and I will soon after pick the winners.

7. Feel free to have props along with you and be creative!

8. No testimonial is too small or insignificant. You might not have lost any weight, but maybe you now eat 5 servings of vegetables, and the headaches you use to have you no longer do. Also you might not have even done my programs, but you have implemented what you have read on the blog.

9. Don’t worry if you mess up, I can edit them to make them look good!

Thanks SO much, it means a lot to me for you to do this, realize by doing this you will be helping many people who might check out my site, but is too skeptical to try out my program. You have the power to help change someone’s life!


Dustin Maher

PS If you absolutely refuse and don’t want to do a video, written stories also are very powerful with a picture attached to it. I know many of you have done this already and I really appreciate that! You can use the same 6 questions to formulate your story. Please email it to fitmomsforlife@gmail.com