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The Key Ingredients To Getting What You Want

By March 17, 2010 27 Comments

Today I am fired up to share with you some principals that I have been giving some thought to lately.  I am honored to have been selected as one of the top 40 businesspeople under the age of 40 in Southern WI!  If you want to chcek out the In Business article click here.  Check it out!

inbizHere are some of the areas in life that I believe it is important to balance:



-financial freedom





All of these different areas play a significant role in the way our live unfolds and lives out.  I have come up with some key ingredients that I believe are important to accel in any of these areas.

-100% commitment: you need to put forth hard work and focus to improve in any given area.

-Determination: there will be times when things get difficult and seem to unravel, that is called life, you need to realize that it is only temporary and once you get through it things will get better.

-Surrounding yourself with people better than you: begin to hang out with people who are doing very well in areas that you aren’t doing so well in.  What how they live their lives and try to take pointers from them.

-100% drive: similar to commitment you need to know the big picture and have a big “why” for whatever you do.  “Why do I want to improve this marriage,” or “Why do I want to get in shape?”

-Constantly thinking about it: you need to keep whatever area in your life at the top of our mind, be thinking about it and finding ways to improve it.

-delayed gratification: give short term pleasures up for long term happiness and success!

I want to hear from you!  What do you think are the key ingredients to having high levels of happiness and success in specific areas of your life?  Do you think there are universal ingredients that help you in any given area?  Or are they specific to the area you are trying to improve?