I Need Your Opinion!

By March 4, 2010 52 Comments

cute-baby-01I would really apprecite your opinion on a couple things!  I have been getting tons of requests and new ideas for more DVDs.  I definitely plan on doing more in the near future.  Here are a couple of the ideas that I will be doing.

1.  Mom and Kid workouts:  How old do you think the kids should be?  What should I try to include in these workouts?  Things I should consider?  What would be valuable for you to know about?

2.  Mom and Baby workout: This will be for moms with a kid under the age of 1.  Exercises and workout she can do using baby carriers, and using the body as bodyweight.  What ideas do you have to make this helpful?  What should I be sure to include in this DVD?

3.  Couples workouts:  I am going to put together a few DVDs with husbands and wives and also just partner workouts.  What ideas do you have for these.  Anything I should specially consider.

Mom with kids on a beach4.  Body Part Training:  Short 5-8 minute workouts to target certain areas such as the butt, thighs, arms, and shoulders.  Any ideas for this?

5.  Knee friendly workout:  I know many of you (including myself) have the bad knee plague 🙂 I want to make a workout that gets around bad knees and still allows for a killer workout!  What ideas do you have for this dvd?

6.  Sexy Seniors (Okay I wouldn’t really call it that): A workout designed for 60-70 year olds that is more doable than some of the very high intensity workouts have but not as lame as sitting and standing from a chair (come on, you are capable of FAR more than that!).  What would you like to see in this type of workout?  Any considerations?

I know I have asked a lot of questions.  Feel free to answer some or all the questions or and ANY other ideas for additional programs.  I am committed to providing you with the most effective and powerful programs that will transform your body and mind!