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Lessons From Olympic Athletes

By February 20, 2010 13 Comments

Hello everyone from a beautiful Vancouver Canada.  I got the opportunity to go to the Olympics and definitely didn’t pass it up.  I have had an amazing time being in the Olympic villages, seeing some of the athletes and going to the competitions.  I would like to share with you a couple lessons I have learned from Olympic athletes that you can apply to your own lives to become better and fitter.

Check out the video I shot from the winter games!

1.  Commit to being your best 100%. Athletes sacrifice a lot because they know what they want and they aren’t going to let anything stop them from reaching it.  What areas haven’t you been giving 100%?  Where can you sacrifice in order to reach your goals?

2.  Visualize the competition practicing very hard everyday in order to push you to work even harder. Your opponent might be extra fat, your big girl jeans, or lack of energy.  Each time you want to quit or each time you don’t feel like getting up… think about those big girl jeans or the lack of energy you are living with and take back control!

3.  Surround yourself with like minded and fit people. The athletes in America spend much of their time at the Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs with the other athletes.  They eat, sleep, and workout together in order to be the best.  They also hire the best coaches to make sure they stay on track and are going about their training and nutrition the right way.  You should be joining fitness groups, getting groups of friends together who are going to set a specific goal, get your husband to workout with you, or hire a coach or fitness professional.  If you are local my trainers and I woud love to have the opportunity to coach you and help you achieve your goals through Fit Fun Bootcamps. If you don’t live around the Dane County area, I have put together all my programs and information onto home workout DVDs that you can do by yourself or with a group of friends.  Each month you will receive a DVD in the mail, I am giving you the opportunity to try it our for free (just pay shipping) click here to find out more.  If you really want to target your core (abs), I can coach you through that as well with my Got Core program!

4.  Visualize yourself having reached your goal. When you hear Olympic athletes get interviewed just about everyone says that they saw themselves standing on the podium putting the gold medal around their neck.  Visualize how you will feel, what you will do when you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.  Each day picture in great detail that moment of success.

Please share!  What has the Olympics games meant to you!  Have you taken anything away from them so far?