43 lbs Weight Loss Transformation Through Fit Fun Bootcamps

By February 2, 2010 13 Comments
Tiffany before 43 lbs heavier

Tiffany before 43 lbs heavier

I am excited to share with you another one of our transformation stories today.  Her name is Tiffany and she has quietly been working out hard the past year through Fit Fun Bootcamps and has lost a total of 43 lbs so far.  I am so proud of her for many reasons.  First, she works a full time job as a nurse and has committed to working out early in the morning.  Second, she drives 30 minutes each day to come to the workouts and has to get up from her warm cozy bed at 4:30 AM!  Lastly, she is 25 lbs lighter than she has ever been in her adult life.  One of my beliefs that Tiffany has shown to be true, and one of my goals I have for each and every mom I work with, is to get them into the best shape of their life.  Tiffany has certainly done that!

When speaking with her, she said she now identifies and associates with people who are more healthy and fit.  This is such a key to short term success as well as long term healthy changes.  Being around people who make fitness part of their daily activity will improve the chances of continuing to stay fit throughout the years.

Check out her story.

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