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Interview With Biggest Loser Contestants Kristin and Cathy!

By January 21, 2010 12 Comments

This past weekend I was able to get an exclusive interview with season seven’s Biggest Loser mother/daughter team Kristin and Cathy!  They were both so amazing and definitely have a passion for helping people begin “living their lives” instead of just existing.

Here are some of the biggest take aways I got from this interview:

cathyandkristin1.  Weigh your food using a food scale, you need to measure it to manage it.  Our society has lost all perspective on proper portion size and the only way to be sure is to buy a scale.  I recommend a digital one, you can get them at a Target or Walmart for about $30.

2.  Surround yourself with people who are going to support your new healthy behaviors.

3.  Get out of denial and stop living a “comfortable life.”

4.  Work with professionals.

5.  Don’t focus just on the scale, but overall health benefits.  Focus on getting off meds, and decreasing aches and pains.

6.  Find enjoyment in physical activities.

7.  Don’t just do one form of exercise.  Cross train and find new activities that you can try out.

8.  Prepare as much food yourself and don’t rely on eating out.

9.  If you have to eat out, plan ahead and know what are the better choices at restaurants.

10.  Make a food journal.

11.  You don’t need the Biggest Loser to get what you want.  Dig deep and realize you have what it takes inside of you.

12.  You need to make the COMMITTMENT!

Inside Secrets of the Biggest Loser

One of the most interesting things Kristin said about the BL behind the scenes is that they weigh-in the morning of the TV weigh-in under medical supervision. But, the contestants don’t know the results until the official weigh in.  In order to prevent extreme dehydration measures, they are required to give a urine sample right before the weigh-in and if it doesn’t meet BL standards, they have to drink water until it does.

Also they had to prepare ALL their food on the ranch, there was no one who cooked it for them.

The weigh-in actually takes a lot longer than you see on TV because of all the takes and retakes that is required for TV.

The contestants still keep in touch with each other since the show and also are close to contestants from past seasons and newer seasons.

Are you ready?

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