Healthy Quick Lunch or Dinner

By January 11, 2010 22 Comments

I made you a quick video that shows one of my favorite meals, something that I crave almost everyday!  This is a great example of a complete meal.  Remember when you are putting together a meal, especially in the morning and early afternoon, it is important to include some good fats, complex carbs, and lean proteins.  This meal would be fine for dinner, assuming you just worked out, or are going to workout after dinner, but if this isn’t the case, it has far too many carbs for an evening meal.

This meal takes me 5 minutes to make:

1. Brown Rice

2. 1 can of tuna

3. Olive oil/vinegar dressing

4. Tomato

5. Avacado

What is your FAST and Healthy Lunch or Dinner?