My Top 10 Weight Loss Trend Predictions of 2010

By December 26, 2009 16 Comments
From Eric Lon

From Eric Lon

2009 is has come and now is about to leave. As I look ahead to 2010 I see some emerging trends that will be picking up steam and some that are going to be dying.

1. Greater emphasis on strength training: strength training is getting closer and closer to being accepted as the most effective exercise mode for losing body fat.  TV shows like the Biggest Loser are introducing many people to the realization, that weight training isn’t what is causing people to look “bulky,” but rather the excess fat that is on top of the muscle.

2. Long distance running will become less popular for weight loss purposes: there are millions of American’s today who are torturing themselves by running long distances in hopes of losing their muffin tops and reducing the size of their thighs. More people are going to realize that this isn’t a very effective way of losing body fat.

beach013.  Running races will continue to boom: this might sound contradictory to the one above, but the allure and challenge that running a marathon, or a 10K brings is very powerful.  The desire to beat your last 5K run is a challenge many want to accomplish.  Running races provide a start and end and give instant feedback about how well you did.  The ability to track progress is one reason why many enjoy running races and will continue to be popular.  Millions of others just enjoy the highs you get when running and the way it helps you clear your mind.

4. Triathlons will continue to gain popularity: triathlon participation has exploded the past decade and will continue to gain momentum. The idea of cross training with 3 different activities is attractable to many people and the challenge that is brings to the person is very exciting and addicting. I think triathlons are great, especially the short distance races, but caution those who just swim, bike, and run for their exercise. You need to be doing some total body strength training, core training, and do a lot of work moving side to side and backwards to make sure your body doesn’t get overuse injuries.

5. Time efficient workouts: our lives aren’t going to be slowing down anytime soon, and we will have less time to devote to working out. 30-45 minute workouts will become the norm and people will realize that 60-90 min workouts are the thing of the past and aren’t necessary to get results.

6. Convenience is key: programs that are quick and easy to use and follow will gain popularity. Right now P90X is the hottest selling fitness product and it is a follow along DVD series that you can do at home with a set of dumbbells and a pullup bar. Side note: My Fit Moms For Life DVDs follow a very similar style and design as the P90X program, but I made it more user friendly and “mom friendly.”

7.  Exertainment: videos games like the Wii Fit will continue to be popular and new games and toys will be made that make working out fun and entertaining.  I still haven’t seen many of these new technologies actually get people working out very hard, but something like the Wii Fit is definitely better than sitting on the couch playing video games!

babyweight8.  Well designed group fitness programs: small and larger group training will continue to increase since the economy is making it difficult to pay $400-$800/month on a personal trainer.  The participants will get the knowledge and expertise of the trainer, but also the support and accountability from the group.  Side note: many gym group fitness programs DON’T fall under this category by my standards.  If someone is going to a class and just following the workout that the instructor is doing from the stage, then I feel like it falls short.  Each person in a class needs to be building friendships, be held accountable for their actions, have constant interaction with the trainer, be taught proper nutrition, and be able to have access to the trainer who is instructing.  This is why my Fit Fun Bootcamp program is so popular and why many have a health club membership at the same time as being part of Fit Fun Bootcamps.

9.  Millions of more people will get suckered in to buying the latest and greatest ab gadget, and fat loss supplement. In 2011  millions and millions of more people will post on craigslist trying to sell these gimmicky products after they have been sitting around for the past year 🙂  My Got Core DVD Program along with the nutritional plan that is included is a FAR better way to get a flat stomach than using just one ab gadget that does 1-3 excercies!

10.  Buy local: As the truth becomes more widespread about where our food is coming from and how toxic and dangerous it is to our bodies, more people will “go green” and support their local farmers.  As grassroot documentaries like Food Inc (a must watch DVD!) gain popularity we will realize that we are voting with our paychecks each time we go to the grocery store.  If everyone decided they weren’t going to by Tyson chicken because of the awful conditions the animals are in, and the poor quality of the food, and instead by the free range chickens at the local farmers market or at the local dairy and beef farm, Tyson would either go out of business or adapt to the demands of the buyers.

10.  Kids fitness: With the obesity rate in children skyrocketing and adult onset diabetes now found in many children, there is going to be a huge emphasis on helping kids eat better and move more… but as I always talk about in this blog, it starts with YOU buying the right foods for the house, and being the example of healthy living through exercise and eating right.

got-core-upright-graphic211.  Core training: with 80% of American’s experiencing lower back pain, non medical solutions will increase in popularity.  Workouts that are quick and easy that strengthen the core muscles and eliminate and reduce back pain will be hot.  Also the desire to have a flat stomach isn’t going away anytime soon and workouts that specifically target the area with exercises other than crunches will be popular.  If you still haven’t purchased your 2 for 1 Got Core DVDs, get them here!

I am curious!  What trends do you see happening in the upcoming year?