Can You Help Anyone Out?

By December 26, 2009 13 Comments

Wow, I have spent a couple hours reading and rereading all the stories.  I want to first thank everyone for writing in, I really appreciate it.  This was a very tough decision, and I just had to go with my gut feeling, because they are all very well deserving!  My goal is that you will be moved by these stories and be able to help a family out, whether financial or with your time or resources.  Please email me if you need someone’s contact info.

Click here to read all of the entries and see how you can be a blessing into the lives of others!

Before I share with you the winners, here are some of my thoughts about some of the specific stories and how I think you could help out.

Maleah: You could buy her awesome tea at chachatea.net

LeAnn Bertagnoli: Lost her 5 year old son this week, give money or if you have a similar past experience reach out to the family and offer your support.  http://lovecalebbertagnoli.webs.com/apps/blog/

Susan Keough: sponsor her family to a day of fun somewhere in the Madison area.

Becky (who does daycare): Sponsor her to come to a month of bootcamp.

Mary’s Mom: Financial support as well as prayers and cards.

Sunshine: Buy her plane tickets to see her family or cook the family a few meals.

Amanda Roe: Financial

Dolores Banaszak: A nice meal, money, or anything else that would pamper her.

Lisa: Pay for medical bills and the toll of taking care of the three kids and an ailing husband.

Jean: Sounds like she needs some pampering, and nice relaxing day, financial.

Heavin: Money and also emotional support if you have experienced a similar loss.

Tina Schlueter: money as well as clothes and toys for her 10 kids.

Barb Pettijohn: Money for a gym membership in Chicago.

Geraldine Stratton: Wow what a story!  If someone has a car they would like to donate that would be great or money to help payoff the daugters wedding.

Rachel: Donate toys or food or money for expenses.

Shirley: $ to cover basic bills.

Phedora: Money for basic bills and starting up the business.

Barb Cushman: $ to save her condo or meals, toys and clothes for her 4 kids.

Val’s Friend: Wow what an awful experience… She could use anything right now it sounds like to brighten her day.

Anita: Money to fix her chimney

Cindy: Money for bootcamp or a card or encouraging phone call to stay motivated, maybe if you can relate to her story an email would go a long way!

Jan: Maybe donate some old dumbbells to her.

Becky: Wow what aweful things!  Money to help buy the ramp and a nice card or email reaching out to the family.

Machel: Money to spend on herself or a nice relaxing day.

Here are my winners and what I am also going to do for a couple others.

Maleah: I received 2 anonymous donations totalling $220 (I was instructed to give this to someone for working out with me, so she received this)

Lisa (submitted by Rachel): I will give her my first 3 Fit Mom For Life DVDs (please email me the shipping address) dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com

Mary’s sister: I would like to give her a free month of bootcamp or mamatone.  I am very passionate about help others with poor self esteem, because I too struggled with it in high school.  Most of what I do now is empower women to be their best and realize they are worth it!  So hopefully I can help her a little!

Jan (Tammi’s nomination): I will give her my first 3 Fit Mom For Life DVDs (please email me the shipping address) dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com

$500 Winners Are…

Leanne: After losing your healthy son last week to a freak accident, this is the least I can do.  I can’t imagine how your life has been turned up side down in a matter of moments.

Heavin: Your story made me cry, I think it was after reading the journal entries at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/chadbordwell/journal I hope that you are surrounded by those close to you in these tough times.

Becky: I can’t imagine all the trials your family has been through.  I am especially passionate about helping para and quads and did some of my studies at school working with that population.  I hope the money can be helpful in the van lift, something that we never even think about.  I love how it sounds like your daughter doesn’t have a victims mentality.  I would love to meet her.

Phedora: Congrats on losing over 100 lbs!  I hope that your husband gets the help he needs in prison and can break his addiction.  I hope this money can be used to start up your business.  I recommend finding a business mentor who is successful at something very similar to what you are doing.  Your chances for success with skyrocket.

I will need the contact info of everyone.  If they live in the Madison area, I would love to meet each of you, if you are outside of the area, I will just send you a check.  Please email me at dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com and let me know how we can arrange things.  Thanks!