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My Adventures In NYC: Raw Food

By November 9, 2009 10 Comments


I am writing this from my hotel in Connecticut.  Yesterday I flew in to NYC and took at bus to the north side of Manhattan.  I was invited to stay with the world renowned author Victoria Moran in her beautiful new condo near Central Park!  You may have seen her a couple times on Oprah.

arnieI didn’t quite get off at the right bus stop and had about a 1.5 mile walk at night in Harlem with my two bags and computer (yes I pack like a girl).  Now that is an adventure!  No longer in Wisconsin!  I never knew there could be 5 “African Barber Shops” all next to each other on one street.

Once I figured out where I was going and met Victoria at her place, we were soon off to a birthday party at a local bar on lower Manhattan for a guy named Phillip who has lost 200 lbs by following a raw food diet.  He was just featured on the show “The Doctors.”  All his friends that were there were also raw food followers.  For the next 2.5 hours I spent time listening to their stories and hearing about how raw food has changed their lives.  The VIP room that was rented out for the group was large and quite full, and there was not one person there who could stand to lose any weight.

I also spent a lot of time talking with an awesome guy named Anthony.  He is a professional model in NYC and raw food activist.  He was super friendly and talked about the challenges and benefits to eating raw foods.

For those of you who don’t know what raw food eating is, google it!  But basically you can only eat raw foods (duh) that are all natural, organic, and vegetarian.  This eliminates about 95% of the American diet which is one thing that makes it very tough to adhere to, not because you can’t get enough great foods and nutrients in, but rather the culture we live in makes it very difficult to eat raw and still be social with non-raw counterparts.  It was amazing to hear the stories of those who went raw and how unbelievable they feel once all the toxins have been eliminated from their diet.  Many only need 5 hours of sleep to be refreshed, because the diet is so easy on the digestive system!

This post isn’t suppose to endorse or discredit the raw community or way of living, but I really think many of their principals are right on!  I bet if everyone in America followed a raw diet for one year 80% of obesity would be eliminated!  Our society is so full of toxins in the body that trash our organs, mess with our hormones, and create diseases such as heart disease and cancer.  Of course America won’t follow this type of diet but I would be very curious to see if they did!  I would go so far as saying that it is almost impossible to be overweight on a raw diet.  Your body will do such a great job at telling you when to stop eating that you would really have to force it to gain a lot of weight on it.

The next morning I got on a train and headed for CT, to meet with a small group of highly successful fitness trainers as part of my mastermind group.  These group meetings have been such a big help to me from a career standpoint and helping me to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.  If you aren’t part of a group that has a mentor in it, I highly recommend you join one!

I have one more day in CT then back to NYC for a couple days with one of those days being filming of my first national TV spot!  More to come on that another time!