What Are Your Dreams?

By October 18, 2009 30 Comments


As I was reading one of my personal training fitness professional magazines this weekend, I had a mini epiphany.  The article was written by a fitness professional name Greg Justice and he was talking about the difference between goals and dreams.

You hear me talk a lot on this blog about setting goals.  I believe so much in goal setting as one of the most powerful tools to helping you go from where you are now, to where you want to be in the future.  But this article I was reading talked about how we set goals in order to achieve our dreams.  It is our dreams that should really get us excited and keep us motivated!

The article listed a couple examples:

Goal: Lose 40 lbs.

Dream: Fitting into that little black dress and dancing in the arms of your husband once again just like you did in high school.


Goal: To achieve maximum health

Dream: The fear of becoming disabled and suffering a slow, painful death like your parent did.

I would like to ask you… What is your goal and the dream that goes along with it?

Before you do, I will start by sharing 3 of mine, two of which are physical and one career focused.

Goal: To eliminate my knee issues/pain.

Dream: To be able to play recreational basketball, football, and any other sport for many more decades.  To be able to hike some of the highest mountains in the world, to be able to play with my teenage kids and be able to beat them!


Goal: Achieve 4% body fat

Dream: To place in the top 5 at the world fitness modeling championships in Vegas (unfortunately with my elbow this will have to wait a year)!


This was me last year at Vegas with some of my friends. I was at 3.8% bodyfat!

Goal: To help transform the lives of 1,000,000 moms.

Dream: The overwhelming satisfaction of knowing that I not only empowered them to be the best they could be, but also played a role in helping the kids of the moms live a much healthier and fitter life.

I shared with you 3 of my goals and the dreams that were tied in with them.  Now it is your turn!  Also please consider the following question: If all your workout goals where achieved and became reality overnight, when you wake up tomorrow morning what would your life look like?