Free 55 Minute Fitness and Health Interview

By September 22, 2009 3 Comments

victoriamI have a big gift to give to all of you who have subscribed to my newsletter and read my blogs!  I am giving away a FREE 55 minute teleseminar I did last week, where I give my best tips and tricks for staying in shape!  Why did I do this?  Two words… Victoria Moran.  You may have recognized her name from her appearances on Oprah or her 10 books that are on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.

Before I give you the info on how to listen to the interview, let me quick explain how we have gotten to know each other.

About 5 weeks ago I had the largest response from any post yet, over 100 comments.  I was asking what everyone’s favorite quotes were.  Click here to go back and check out the over 300 quotes people posted. I held a contest and was going to pick my favorite quote.  I couldn’t pick just one, so I picked three.  One person’s quote was from one of Victoria’s books, Fat Broken & Lonely No More.  The day after I selected the quote from her book, she got word that her book had won a quote contest.  She emailed me thanking me for picking her quote.  Once I went to her site and saw all her amazing accomplishments I new I had to talk with her!  We spoke for awhile on the phone and then I agreed to be the fitness expert for her coaching series, which was awesome.  She has so generously opened the call up for anyone to listen to.  I highly encourage you to take a look at her site and her books and programs she has to offer.

victoriaShe has lost 65 lbs and kept it off for 25 years now.  She says that now that she is in her early 50’s she can honestly say she feels better now than any other time in her life.  Victoria  lives in NYC next to Central Park and she has invited me to stay with her and her family when I am there in about a month, filming some fitness segments for a national TV audience (I will tell you about this later).

So check out this link for all the details about how you can listen to this 55 minute interview.  After listening to it, please feel free to ask questions about it or something you learned from it by posting a comment below in this blog.