How Do You Feel About This?

By August 21, 2009 75 Comments

Last night I had an experience at the gas station that really got me thinking.  This isn’t the first time I have seen this, but I have been dwelling on it ever since.

It was 9 pm and I usually just pay with CC and don’t go into the store, but I decided to pay cash.  When I went in to pay.  There was a short obese woman probably in her mid 40’s maybe 5 feet and 220 lbs.  She had the lid open to all the bakery goods, you know, the muffins, cookies, and pastries.  She was having a conversation with the gas station worker that the new pineapple cookie didn’t sound good to eat that night.  This comment made it obvious that she was buying the cookies and muffins for that evening.  After she filled a medium size bag full of baked goods, she proceeded to fill up a 32 ounce cup of soda, then she filled up a bag of popcorn and with her hands full paid and walked out.

As she was walking out I was very close to confronting her and asking her what in the world she is thinking.  I try to not judge, I try to not be critical, I try to give the benefit of the doubt, I try to be compassionate, but when I see something like that it makes me sad/mad/frustrated/and upset. 

Why would the woman who is in such an unhealthy state, choose to make decisions like that?  Does she think nothing is wrong?  Does she not know those foods will make her sick and eventually kill her?  Does she live in denial, does she struggle with this everyday and want to stop? 

All of these questions were running through my head, I wanted to know what she was thinking?  I decided not to confront her about it, it really isn’t my business, but I am in the business of helping people and if I can get inside of their heads a little bit it might help me understand more and be able to help more.

Maybe next time I see this happen again at the convenience store or grocery store I might just confront the person, and you can be sure I will write about it!

I want to know your thoughts.  Have you ever seen this happen?  Do you struggle just like this woman?  What thoughts go inside your head?  Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and helping me and the 1000’s that read this blog!