Healthy Salad Recipe That Will Fill You Up

By July 12, 2009 18 Comments

Healthy Salad Recipe

When people think of diet foods, salads are one of the first things that comes to their minds.  Most of the time these images are very negative and thoughts of stuffing iceberg lettuce down your throat, just doesn’t sound too appealing.  Fortunately for us, we have tons of options available to eat very healthy, nutritious salads that will fill us up and provide us with many vital minerals and nutrients.

salad recipeHealthy salads are one of my staples to keeping my weight in check.  I eat very large salads to fill me up, and also make sure I get enough veggies in for the day.  I find salads to be very refreshing and have strong cravings for them nearly every day.

I wanted to make a short video today sharing with you my healthy salad recipe.  It isn’t so much as a recipe, but a free spirited way to create interesting salads that never get boring!

Be aware of salad imitators at restaurant and fast food places, many actually have more fat than a hamburger and more sugar than an ice cream cone.  The best way to find out how healthy the salad is that you are eating out, is to visit their website and view the nutritional information.

Enjoy the video!

[youtube suSISyADX0U]

Please share with us your favorite salad recipe and ingredients that you use!