We had an awesome workout this morning at Fit Fun Bootcamp!  It is such a great way to start the day out.  As I was talking with some of the bootcampers this morning they said that this was just what they needed after a weekend full of eating, drinking, and celebrating.  (I find it interesting, that food and alcohol always seems to be necessary for a celebration)

If you did eat poorly this weekend, I encourage you to eat even more fruit and drink more water today and the rest of the week to help cleanse your body of all the poisons and chemicals.

For some, this weekend may have been just another weekend where you self sabotaged or just wasn’t on your “A” game.

I thought today would be a great time to give you some motivation to get back up and get going.

Even if you are doing awesome with your workouts, eating habits, and your life in general, this short video clip from Rocky will pump you up!

[youtube qC6HQyki_2M]

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