I have been flying quite a bit the past couple years and have met so many interesting people on my flights.  Most ask what I do, and when I tell them I am a body transformation specialist, the fun begins.  If I am sitting next to someone who obviously could use my services I usually get what I call “confessional time” by the person.  You would think I was a priest and they were sharing all of their sins with me. I usually hear the traditional “I really want to be in better shape, but I just don’t seem to have the time for it,” or “I start to workout, but then I quit,” or “I have tried to exercise and eat better and I don’t lose weight.”

A couple weeks ago I flew out to Orange County and sat by this woman who was 74 years old.  She had more energy and zest for life than many people I meet in their 20’s and 30’s.  She obviously made health and fitness one of her top priorities.  Not only did she look amazing, but her mind was so sharp and quick.  She walked 5-7 miles a day to stay active (at the end of the conversation she said I had convinced her to also start back up with strength training).  As we talked for a couple hours I found out she had been a nutritional counselor for a large weight management company for many years.  Like me, she was so saddened by the current state of health in America and particularly in kids.

We talked a lot about food and how that is the biggest culprit in our society today, and the food we are eating isn’t really food, but a bunch of man made chemicals and highly processed grains and fats.

She made a very interesting comment that has stuck with me that I keep referring back to, which is the reason I am writing this to you.  She said that she has no problem paying extra for all natural, whole foods, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, because she knows the extra money she is spending in food, she is saving on all other types of things including, medication/drugs, not having to buy larger clothes, and sickness due to loss of work.  She said she has never taken any medication or drugs in her life and she hasn’t been sick or had a cold in over 20 years.

I am a firm believer that many of the sicknesses and poor energy levels a person experiences is directly related to what types of foods they are putting in their body.

So, I took up her challenge and have been buying higher quality of foods of late.  My grocery bill is probably $10-$15 higher each week, but I feel good about the investment I am making in my body.

I did a post a while back on organic fruits and veggies and which ones are more important to buy organic and which ones you don’t need to worry about based on the amount of chemicals each one absorbs.

So I ask you, are you investing in your body like you should be? (whether time or money)?  Or are you spending your time and money other places on activities and things that would be meaningless to you if you didn’t have a body that was healthy?  I hope you agree that your body is the most important earthly investment you can make in yourself and should be priority.  Yet people all the time say they don’t have the money to eat good foods, or take a Fit Fun Bootcamp. (Most can afford $32 a week for bootcamp if they made it a priority) Yet they are spending money in other places that don’t have the long term benefits that a healthy body can have, such as; excessive eating out, movies, excessive beauty products, new cars, traveling, clothes, shoes, amongst so many other things!  None of these things mentioned above are bad (well maybe excessive eating out) but if it is causing you to not afford things that have a much higher return on investment, you should reconsider.

I find this similar to the people you see in trailer parks and mobile homes who have a small little beat up house, but have the huge satellite on their roof to get the 200 satellite channels.  (I can say this because I was raised 19 years of my life in a trailer myself… but we had no cable tv!)

Well I could go on and on!   So I challenge you to put your body and health as one of your top priorities and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money to make that happen!  It is an investment with infinite returns!

I would love to hear your feedback or opinions on this subject.

Question:  Please share with everyone below, ways you have found to save money in order to be able to spend money on things that really matter.

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