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This week we are going to continue our discussion on protein/energy bars.  I wanted to thank Jenny McCully for making my moms protein bar recipe from last week and bringing it to MamaTone to share with the group!  They were AMAZING!  All 15 moms gave it 2 thumbs up!  The only problem is trying to stop at just one!

Here is my moms post!

Last week we talked about making healthy energy bars, but some of you were also interested in what is out there in the stores that are acceptable; sorry about the bit of confusion last week-we had meant to make it clear that this part of the discussion would happen this week to keep things from getting too long for one blog-!

I have just spent several hours online trying to research a whole lot of bars that were recommended by online bloggers, including AOL’s list of the top 10 searched diet bars, as they called them.  Wanna’ know what my conclusion is, right off the top of my head?!


Dustin gave me some guidelines for what he considers a good ratio of nutrients:  cals:  150-200, Fat:  5 g., carbs: 15-20, prot.:  15-20.  Invariably, when I’d find something with some nutrient being within specs, the rest would fly way off the radar J.  And you can be sure that if the sugars were decent, it had some form of horrible fake sugar!  That lead me down some interesting trails, especially when I came across maltitol; I realized I didn’t know what this was other than just another sugar alcohol.  I came across a huge blog where a whole ton of irate folks vented and described in detail their experiences with using this sugar substitute-just let your imagination run wild with severe lower GI upsets, and you get the picture!  Many were upset with the labeling, not warning them in easy-to-read print of this possibility.  Some also blogged that using it in moderation did not bother them; many told the others to give up on anything ending in “itol” and to stick to stevia.

That is just a discussion on the sugar alcohols; don’t get me going on all the other fake sugars, many of which are also in your favorite flavored protein powders.

Okay, this is getting way too long; for what it’s worth, I will give you AOL’s top ten:

PowerBar Cliff bar, Medifast Meal Replacements, EAS Myoplex Lite, Pure Protein Bars, Luna Bar, Supreme Protein Bar, Zone Perfect Bar, Chocolite Protein Bar, and Oh Yeah! Bar.  I actually happened to have a Luna Sunrise Bar on hand that I checked out awhile back.  It is 70 % organic, and has the following specs: Wt:  1.69 oz,  Cals:  170, Fat:  4.5g. Carbs:  26g, and Prot.:  8 g.   It is way low in protein, but doesn’t appear to have fake sugars (hard to read it all), but does have maltodextrin-that sounds bad, not sure-?

I also happen to have 2 boxes of granola type bars in the cupboard for Eric (Dustin’s brother): Cascadian Farm has an organic bar with these specs:  wt. 1.2 oz.,  Cals:  140, Fat:  3.5g, Carbs:  25g, Prot:  2g……..a good example of one of the nutrients making it very poor as a so-called protein bar. 

Kashi TLC, Cherry Dark Choc. Bars are a bit better and use whole grains and “natural” cane sugar and molasses:  Wt. 1.2 oz., Cals:  120, Fat:  2 g, Carbs:  24 g, Prot:  5 g……still not a good ratio of carbs to protein for a good protein bar-not bad for an energy bar.  I had a bit of fun at www.elementbars.com where you could build your own custom protein bar, kinda’ like online baking-what next, eh?!:)

So are we all ready to go back to Katrina’s homemade energy bar, or maybe some of you have tried Laurie’s wonderful granola/energy bar recipe-?!  I haven’t yet, but that one looks awesome!  I am expecting some of you to have had better luck finding something good out there, so we look forward to hearing about it!

Keep eating~healthy!

Dustin’s Mom~Joy

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