Stomach Toning and Flattening Home Workout Routine

By May 23, 2009 2 Comments

A flat stomach is on the top of the list when it comes to most desired body parts for both men and women.  Moms find it especially difficult to get their flat stomach back after having kids.

This is due to a couple reasons:

1.  Poor deep transverse abdominal activation:

Too many women think doing endless crunches is the way back to a flat stomach, but in many cases that is the last thing that you should be doing.  I have written articles and done videos on this topic in the past.Whenever I begin working with a mom to strengthen the core I start with the internal muscles and then go out from there, instead of worrying about the outer muscles only.

Why new moms shouldn’t do crunches part 1

Why new moms shouldn’t do crunches part 2

2. Stretched out skin:

This depends on many factors, such as age, amount of weight gained during pregnancy, and elasticity of the skin which is based off of age.  The best thing to do is not gain 50-70 lbs during pregnancy.  Besides that plastic surgery is the only other option if skin has been stretched out and hasn’t come back together.

3.  Not making the time to workout:

This is probably the biggest reason why moms’ stomachs aren’t as flat as they would like them to be.  I have found that many moms believe it is selfish to make time for themselves, and therefore looks solely after their kid’s best interest and neglects to take care of themselves.  This is the sole reason I have this blog and what I feel is my mission in life.

4.  Poor nutrition:

This should be the first one on the list, since it is the most important.  If there is a bunch of fat covering the abdomen, the above tips won’t make much difference.  The fat needs to get burned off the whole body, not just the stomach in order to create a lean toned stomach that turns heads.  This is way each week I provide tons of nutritional guidance to make sure you are eating foods that will turn the metabolism on high.

Here is a video I made showing you a great core routine that hits all of the core from all different angles.  This is an intermediate level core workout routine.

[youtube qDo04aRzD4U]