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Healthy Camp Fire Recipes

By May 21, 2009 11 Comments

That was quite a response we got last week for suggestions of what you’d like to see in this blog! If you have more suggestions please click on the link above and share yours with us!  It’ll probably take us all summer to use them all…..but we thought Mandy’s request for some healthy campfire recipes should start us off for all you summer campers. I absolutely love camping and cooking outdoors….to be able to keep the family fed and still be outside is the best of both worlds :). Dustin said we’ll do another week of just grilling, so this week we will try to zero in on what we can do with just an actual campfire and see how creative we can all get.  I’ll start us off with about the most basic recipe there is and trust that not everybody has heard of it already.


1 medium potato, thinly sliced
2 carrots, scrubbed and thinly sliced
¼ lb lean hamburger, ground turkey, or cubes of chicken breast
Bermuda onion, thinly sliced
Favorite seasonings
Heavy duty alum. foil

Pile these ingred. up on a large square of foil, in the order given, making a patty of the meat. I have not actually done this in live coals, just the grill, but I think using the heavy duty foil, it should work fine with careful handling. Use enough foil to bundle it all up with lots of folds to avoid juices leaking out when you turn it for even cooking. Depending on how thinly you sliced things, half an hour cooking should do it. This is also very tasty without any meat, if you want to use it as a side to perhaps a fish fry.

Another variation could be a slice of ham, sweet potatoes, and a slice of canned pineapple.

These are really fun to serve and the kids love having their very own “bowl” and eating right out of it; needless to say, they need help to avoid steam burns when opening the packet or having hot juices run all over them.

So now how can we finish off this easy “one dish” meal with a treat that won’t blow this healthy roll we have going here, right?! Well, campfires and s’mores are virtually synonymous, but healthy s’mores….not! Okay, let’s be real here, maybe we can come up with a bit of a compromise and see if we can come up with one for around 100 cals. That should keep most of the guilt at bay; ‘course the real test will be eating just one!


2 Squares of whole wheat graham crackers
1 marshmallow, toasted
1 tsp. choc. syrup

Yeah, chocolate lovers are rolling their eyes about now, so let me quick do the calorie count, then variations: around 70 cals. for the crackers (reg. ones have this much), 20 cals. for the marshmallow, and 15 cals. for the choc.–I found some organic “midnight moo” chocolate syrup at T.J., no fat.

Now let’s see what we can do with some serious chocolate here; if you use 5 of those huge Ghirardelli 60 % cacao chips, that’s still around 15 cals. I checked out a square of dark choc., but that’s getting you up to 50 cals., so sorry about that idea. If you get tricky, you could maybe use less graham crackers and more choc., but hey, creative is our middle name in this business, so have at it!

I think that the marshmallow is there to stay, in all it’s sugary glory-unless someone knows something I don’t-? Okay, maybe this is stretching things, trying to get this s’more in on the scene, but we tried!

I am so ready for all of you serious campers to flood this site with all of your experience….right down to the pot of stew sitting in the coals!

May you all have a wonderful, safe Memorial Day weekend with lots of good family time around the campfires!

And to those of you who have served our country or who are right now serving somewhere far from home, THANK YOU!~you are heroes, every one of you.

Keep eating~healthy,

Dustin’s Mom~ Joy

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