What Nutrition Recipes or Questions Do You Have!?

By May 15, 2009 21 Comments

I hope that you have been enjoying my moms recipes and nutritional tips each week.  I want to thank every one of you who have contributed to the recipes by adding your own in the comments section.  My plan is at the end of 1 year, make a cook book will have all the recipes my mom has shared as well as those who have contributed.

Here is a look at some of the recipes so far!

30 Healthy Snacks, 21 Healthy SnacksChocolate Chip CookiesChocolate Tofu PiePureed Vegetables, Roasted VeggiesQuinoaChickenOmeletPizzaGuacamoleHummusCarrot Soup

Instead of coming up with different recipes and food ideas each week, my mom and I thought it would be better if we knew what YOU wanted to learn and know about regarding nutrition.  So this is your chance to be heard.  Scroll down to the bottom, click comment, and submit as many ideas as you can think of for us to write about.