By now you are probably aware that Madison Fit Fun Bootcamps are kicking off the 2009 outdoor season Saturday May 9th at 8:30 AM at Elver Park.  We are encouraging families to come and everyone to bring someone!  This first boot camp is FREE, in order for everyone to experience what a boot camp is like.  We will have 15 trainers there helping out, ensuring you get the best workout possible.

[youtube lqZTEIX1CRA]

*This was filmed last year, some of the locations have changed and the Saturday morning boot camp structure has changed.

Madison Fit Fun Boot Camp is the largest boot camp program in the Madison area.  We currently have 5 locations and 9 different camps to make it as convenient and accessible as possible.  Most of the camps have 2-3 trainers, giving you personal attention.

When evaluating a fitness program, here are the top 7 things to consider.

1.  Program has a proven track record for delivering massive results to each and every participant.

-We have amazing before and after pictures as well as many testimonials talking about the unbelievable results and experiences of the boot campers.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, improve your 5k time, or complete your first triathlon, Fit Fun Boot Camp will deliver.

2.  Program is taught by high qualified and experienced trainers that use a consistent training philosophy.

-All instructors are either certified personal trainers, or have at least 1 year of mentorship by myself.

3.  Program incorporates some nutritional guidance and extra support.

-We will provide additional handouts and resources for what to eat as well as keeping each other accountable for our food choices.

4.  Program possesses a positive and encouraging environment where everyone is encouraged to be challenged at their own highest level.

-We create an incredibly high level of commitment and cohesiveness throughout the group.  Everyone is so supportive and encouraging, independent of individual fitness levels.  Each person will be pushed to their personal limits.

5.  Program is fun and has a high retention rate.

-We create more than just an exercise program, but rather an experience.  Whether it is pushing cars, throwing rocks, jumping on picnic tables, or running up a hill, it is definitely not exercise as usual!  84% of all boot campers who come for a month end up continuing because of the results and experience they have.

6.  Program can fit into your budget so that you can continue it more than a month.

-Most people can’t afford to train with a trainer 4X per week at $70 per session… $1,120/month.  You will only pay 1/9th of that, and get the SAME results, if not better results than one on one training.  Our programs are as low as $7/session.  I consider myself a very competent and successful trainer (one on one and small group), but the results I have seen the past year in boot camp have been staggering and in many cases better than my high end paying clients!  Why is this so?  I believe it is because of the group dynamics and when people see others working hard and getting results it motivates them to work harder.  Not only do they work harder, but the feel accountable to the group for eating healthy and making consistently good lifestyle choices.

7.  Program is continually changing to ensure that your body doesn’t hit a plateau and you don’t get bored.

-You will NEVER do the same program twice.  Each day is different and will work your muscles and body in different ways, to create a lean, toned, and functional body.

There you have it!  Makes sure to evaluate these 7 areas before deciding whether or not you are going to join a specific fitness program.  If any of the above criteria isn’t met, chances are you aren’t going to get the results you are looking for, or you will be miserable during the process!

I would love to hear from you!  What have your experiences been with boot camps?  Whether Fit Fun Boot Camps or another bootcamp.  What did you enjoy most about them?  What specific results did you see or experience?  I look forward to hearing from you via the comments box below!  If you haven’t taken part in a program like this before, what are some specific questions you have?  Myself or other current bootcampers would love to answer them.