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Killer Core Exercises For A Toned Stomach For Summer

By May 6, 2009 10 Comments

With summer approaching, the desire by most to lose weight increases.  The damage from the long winter months is assessed and a plan is created to feel great this summer!  Madison Fit Fun Bootcamps is one great way to do this!  Working out outside with the support of those around you can ensure that you are going to look and feel your best this summer.

Yesterday I did my fitness radio show on WPR, you can listen to the 45 minute interview here.

Check out this video that I did yesterday on NBC talking about some great core exercises.  I had Abby be my assistant.  Abby has completely transformed her body through Fit Fun Bootcamps and has lost close to 30 lbs of fat.

If you have been following me for awhile you know what I say about how to get a flat stomach; strong social support, great nutrition, resistance training, and cardio, in that order of importance.

[youtube b6LsDMIFBk0]

Try some of these exercises on your own and report to everyone how they are.  I can promise you they aren’t as easy as Abby made them look!