Roasted Veggies On The Menu

By March 26, 2009 25 Comments

Whenever I look over a bootcamper’s or mamatoner’s food journal, one of the most common comments I make is, “Eat more veggies!”  Our society has gotten away from fresh veggies and instead gone to processed quick microwavable meals.  Veggies are the perfect food… low calories, high nutrient level, and high satiety factor.

Today, my mom shares with you a great way to get a lot of veggies in you in a short amount of time!

Here is her post!

Well, sure has been inspiring reading all of the goals that you have  met, exceeded, or are still striving towards!! I checked mine from last January and have actually met some! ~ still have to blog them.

So, this week we’re featuring something that can be a staple in the “healthy kitchen”, is fairly quick to prepare, and can be added to many meals during the week….providing you make a big potful and the whole family isn’t turned on to them! 🙂  What an awful dilemma, eh?!  Roasted veggies……can sound boring, but those of you who are doing these know how tasty and versatile they are.
I’ve been online with, they have over 2,000 roasted vegetable recipes!………but will just share what I have been doing and see what all of you can add for some variety!  I just begin gathering what I have on hand and start chopping; measurements are really unnecessary.

Roasted Veggies:
sweet potatoes
yellow summer squash
garlic cloves
red or yellow peppers
olive oil
Italian seasonings
garlic pwd.
onion pwd.

From here on out, you can do things as quickly as possible and just chop and dump, or you can experiment with sizes of chunks and preroast some items to make cutting easier.  I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of cutting up raw sweet potatoes, so I have started baking them a few minutes (about 15″) first, then cutting them in inch sized chunks, leaving the skins on.  Carrots are another thing that you can either cut into smaller pieces, like maybe 1/2″, or, if you like bigger chunks, you could cook for a few minutes first~they seem to take longer and the rest can get mushy trying to get the carrots soft.  The zucchini, summer squash, and onions can be chopped into inch sized chunks.  I like to chop up the garlic too, but some call for the whole cloves-one even said unpeeled~wonder how that turns out-maybe the skins just disappear!  The red and yellow peppers add nice color; again, I read where you should peel them first-a but putsy for me, but probably improves on the overall texture.  They can get mushy too, which brings me to another idea…..if you really want things perfect, you roast in stages, adding the softer things later.
Put everything in a huge bowl and drizzle with the olive oil and all the seasonings and mix well~~such a satisfying sight, I must say! 🙂  If I have made a lot, I use 2-3 big roasting pans, only half full, or it will take forever to roast.  Bake at 425 degrees, stirring occasionally, for 30~60 minutes, depending on personal taste.  Taking them out to cool is the stage where things could disappear rapidly~you may have your pickiest eaters snitching samples as they pass through the kitchen!

Some other veggies that you could try are eggplant, beets, parsnips, butternut squash, etc.

So now you can pull these out of the oven and add it to your meal, then store the leftovers and take them to work the next day-I like them cold too.  Or, pick out your favorites and use them in those veggie filled omelets, or add to salads.  I saw one recipe for a hoagie type sandwich, using roasted mushroom and tomato slices.

Okay……I am expecting a lot of variations on this one, with mine being pretty basic!  Can’t wait :).

Keep eating~healthy!

Dustin’s Mom~Joy 🙂

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