I Competed In The Carnival Cruise Talent Show!

By March 10, 2009 16 Comments

I can’t sing or dance, so I have had to come up with other talents to entertain people with!  The blowing up the ball and standing on it is one of those talents.  The ball that the cruise provided me with was extremely difficult, because the hole was so small and required very high pressure air to get inside.  This ball I can normally blow up in 45 seconds, but this took 76 seconds and still was a little flat!  During the performance I ruptured quite a few blood vessels below both of my eyes!  But it was worth it! 

The balancing on the ball was made tougher by the swaying of the ship in rough seas!

Here is footage from my fitness cruise that I hosted in the Caribbean.


[youtube KRTiC9maxxk]