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Burn Fat 10X Faster Then Traditional Exercise

By February 16, 2009 24 Comments

I have gotten the reputation of being anti-cardio. It is true, that I think long slow cardio is a waste of time if your goal is fat loss. Long slow cardio has very little effect on overall fat loss. All long slow cardio does is slow the metabolism, by eating away the muscle, which in turn, directly decreases the metabolism. In order for the person to lose more weight with this technique, they must increase their time and distance. This becomes an ongoing battle with the bulge, that most people will lose.

Instead of doing cardio at 65% or less then max HR, try doing intervals, or a newer technique called “Burst Training.” Sprinters have known this all along. Sprinters do no more then 45 seconds of cardio at one time, yet they have the lowest body fat of any athlete. It is this intense training that gets results. Not only does it get results, but according to research, it gets results up to 10X faster then steady state low intensity cardio. In a society that doesn’t make the time for exercise, finding techniques that are more efficient is very important. I am not saying that long slow cardio can’t work, but works for very few people!

About a month ago I introduced you to a “Cardio Queen” named Abby. Her story resignated with many of you and is this most visited post to date. Check out Abby’s weight loss story. In short, she had been spending up to 8 hours a week running, and only got more overweight. It wasn’t until she stopped her cardio obsession, started intense weight training, burst training, and eating better, that she dropped 23 lbs.

So check out abby as she demonstrates her new type of cardio training that takes her less then 10 minutes 3X per week! I challenge you to keep up with her!