Stop Making Excuses and Start Doing

By February 11, 2009 14 Comments

For those of you who know me, there are very few things that get me mad. I am one of the easiest going people around. The three things that get me the most mad are:

1. Ab Infomercials: don’t even get me started on those.

2. People looking for a quick fix… ie a pill or “magic exercise.”

3. People making excuses and looking for every reason why they haven’t achieved what they want to achieve.

It is this third one that I want to focus on today. This 1 minute Nike commercial is one of the best I have ever seen. I think I have heard every excuse that comes out of the guy’s mouth. Some of you know the story of the basketball player, but he is actually from UW Whitewater, I have seen some additional interviews with him and he seems like a great guy.

[youtube obdd31Q9PqA]

So many times we view ourselves and look at our limitations instead of our potential or abilities. There will never be the perfect time to get in shape, and there will always be things that will come up to distract you. But when you stop making excuses and start taking action and responsibility for your health, that is when change will occur.

I really try hard to not make excuses and take action instead. One excuse I had for a long time was that I suck at writing and speaking. Writing was my worst subject in school(I hated it), and speaking in front of people terrified me. Instead of living with that, I decided to take action. I enrolled in acting classes (most terrifying class I have ever taken), and I took and retook, speach class in college. I don’t consider myself to be extremely gifted at either writing or speaking, but now I spend my life speaking in front of people in my classes, on TV in front of 100,000’s, on the radio to over 100,000, and writing daily to many 1000’s… I am very happy and proud I stopped making excuses and took action!

Here is your assignment: I dare you to post this in the comment box. I want you to list all of your excuses you have made in the past, list them, and then after that, write out in your own words, something to the effect that you will no longer dwell on those excuses and when an excuse pops up, think about the video you just watched and take acion!