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Healthy Hummus Recipe

By January 30, 2009 24 Comments

I am very excited to announce that my mom is going to be a guest contributor to this site.  I am blessed to have an awesome mom!  Growing up she was a great example of how to eat healthy and how to get her kids to eat healthy.  I credit my nutrition knowledge and lifestyle eating choices to her.  Even at 60 years old, she weighs 115 lbs at 5’4 (mom, not sure if I was suppose to say that!).  She weighed 30 more lbs then that in her 20’s, so she has done a great job of losing and now maintaining a healthy weight.  She is now lifting pretty hard which is so important for someone her age.  She even has a goal to do a pullup, which would shock me so much if she was able to do that!

Each week we are going to feature a recipe or ingredient that is healthy.

So here is the first post by my mom!

“Dustin has asked me to do some kind of weekly thing with recipes; what would be neat is if it turned into a recipe exchange, with those of you who can find an extra minute to send off something you and your family are currently enjoying!

We thought hummus would be an easy recipe to get started with; I’ll share my own recipe that works for us, and hopefully you’ll have a favorite one to share too.

2 cans of garbanzo beans (chick peas), drained
1 tsp. seasalt
1 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
2 t. cumin
1 1/2 Tbl. lemon juice
2-3 Tbl. olive oil
some water or saved liquid from beans

Process the beans with some liquid in your food processor (blender should work just fine too) til smooth, to desired consistancy-remember you have more liquids to add, so don’t make it too soupy!
Next add the seasonings and lemon juice.
Last, drizzle the olive oil in while running the processor, adding more or less to taste.

Now, for some hints:

-I use Walmart’s organic beans.

-If you have the time, organic lemons, freshly squeezed, has got to make things tastier!

-You can also add up to 3 Tbls. tahini (ground seseme seeds-can buy at the health food store just like peanut butter, or grind your own in the same seed grinder you use to grind flaxseed).

-Try simmering 2 Tbls. chopped garlic in some of the oil in place of the garlic pwd.

-Any kind of beans can be used-it’s fun to experiment, like maybe replacing one can of chick peas with a can of black beans.   I see that Trader Joe’s has a variety of options, like adding sun dried tomatoes, cilantro, using white beans, etc.

I like a very garlicky (sp?) hummus but when trying to get that with garlic pwd., it gets very potent and too hot for me….can anybody help me out??  Can I only get lots of garlic flavor by sauting the chopped garlic??
Or maybe some of you prefer another flavor other than the cumin…..

Last, I always like to know the calorie content and the fats, etc.; but this time I am going to take the easy way out and just copy the stats off my carton of Trader Joe’s’ hummus to give an approximate count–yeah, yeah, as easy as it is to make, I still grab some at T.J. sometimes :):

2 Tbls.:  60 cal., 3 g. fat, 85 mg. sodium, 6 g.carbs., 2 g. protein
(this is their Garlic Hummus Dip that has tahini in it, and no cumin, otherwise the same ingred. as my recipe).
So!  There you have it-serve it with veggies or pita pocket, or any healthy snack cracker, or I sometimes throw it into my salad for some veg. protein and healthy fats.
If you really feel like puttsing around, spray the pita pocket with some olive oil and sprinkle with garlic pwd. cut into triangles, and bake at 350 for 10-15 min. or til crispy.

Hey, another fun thing would be if any of you are looking for a certain recipe, ask away and see who comes up with something!  🙂

Dustin always closes with “Keep Moving”…..maybe I’ll just say…..

Keep eating~healthy!
Dustin’s Mom”

Do you have a favorite hummus recipe?  Or thing you like to use hummus in?  Please click the comment box below and share with us your favorite!

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