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Fit Fun Madison Bootcamps Help Todd Drop 27 lbs in 6 Weeks!

By January 26, 2009 26 Comments

I didn’t think I could see any bigger results than I have seen so far in my Fit Fun Bootcamps, but I was wrong!  It just goes to show what anyone is capable of IF they apply the techniques I teach and go after then 100%.  You might not lose close to 5 lbs a week, but you will greatly improve.  Todd had the right ingredients in him to make this change: he was ready, he was mentally prepared, he had a plan, he was motivated, and he had the right attitude.  Keep in mind, Todd started this around Christmas time when everyone says they can’t lose weight.

So here is Todd’s amazing story in his own words!

As ‘before and after pictures’ tell part of a story, these are BEFORE and WORK IN PROGRESS pictures. And here is more to the story.


Todd at 215

I have been running for the last 6 years on a regular basis.  EXACTLY 3.8 miles 3 to 4 times a week (The same route every day) my legs were getting fatigued and the weight just going up.

In late November I heard Dustin Maher on Wisconsin Public Radio and was impressed with how he was able to answer caller’s questions.  It wasn’t until Friday Dec 12th that I decided I had to get the help of and outside party.  I signed up for FIT FUN BOOTCAMP to start on Monday.  This would be the FIRST time I have ever joined a workout group much less going to a health club.  When I told my family and friends what I was about to do, I just got Blank stares. (I think they all thought I was kidding)

DAY 1 at boot camp was a day I’ll never forget! As Dustin demonstrated the circuit we were gong to do, my thought was “THAT LOOKS EASY ENOUGH”.  After going through the circuit once my legs were shaking and my arms quivering. Then we had to start all over and do the same thing for a second time.  Needless to say it got worse that day, we then went to a stair stepper to work on CARDIO.  (At last, something I was good at).  Wrong – I could not keep the step off the floor and with the encouragement of Dustin, I continued to TRY.  After 7 minutes of intervals, I thought I was going to get sick.  I couldn’t get off the machine fast enough!  I

Todd after 16 Weeks at 165 lbs!

Todd after 16 Weeks at 165 lbs!

weighed myself after this workout and much to my disgust, I weighed 215 lbs.  The next morning I could not get out of bed.  EVERY PART OF MY BODY HURT.  That was it, I wasn’t going to do that again.  By Tuesday night, I was ready to go back at it Wednesday and prove to myself that I am not a quitter.

After the second day, I committed myself 100% to make this a permanent lifestyle change. I got to work and threw away ALL of my “SNACK STASH” (cookies, pop tarts, candy bars…) from my desk. I have eliminated candy and bad snacks from my diet and now journal my entire food intake for each day. After 6 weeks of no Chocolate or candy, I no longer crave the junk! I’m happy to say that my wife now journals her food and it is paying huge dividends already in noticeable weight loss. (She hasn’t agreed to come to boot camp yet).

Six weeks later…  I look forward to the challenges of FIT FUN BOOTCAMP and can’t imagine my week without them. I have lost 27 lbs and now weigh 188 lbs. The waist size 36 pants that I could not button on Thanksgiving are now too big and I have gone to size 34. This is only the beginning and can’t wait to give even better pictures later this year.

I have been very fortunate to have found FIT FUN BOOTCAMP and in good enough health to be able to make changes in my life for the better.   As the workouts get tough, I think about the courageous kids and their families that are fighting for medical miracles at local hospitals.   With that, my family and I are going to pledge that for every pound that I lose, from 12/15/08 to 12/15/09 we will donate $10 to the Ronald McDonald house in Madison for families that face far more serious problems than losing weight.”


If you are interested in checking out Fit Fun Bootcamps visit or MamaTone Fitness, which is very similar to Fit Fun Bootcamps at

Please feel free to comment on this post and ask Todd how he was able to make such a quick transformation!