Yesterday’s Oprah was simply amazing!  One of the best Oprah shows I have seen, so good, I watched it twice.  Oprah is kicking off a 5 day “Best Life” theme, were she has experts in various health topics.  Yesterday’s show was with Bob Green, her trainer, and a very intimate look into Oprah’s life.  She was very honest with herself and with her viewers about her frustrations with “letting herself go” and not “living life” instead only existing.  For Oprah, 2009 is the year she makes time for herself and “loves herself.”  I love her message and is the message that I preach to moms everyday.  You must make time for yourself and take care of yourself.  So many moms are like Oprah, always giving of themselves, they have a servant’s heart.  But, even a servant’s heart, if not properly taken care of will become worn out and fatigued, and they lose their zest for life.

Are you worn out?  Have put everyone elses needs before your own?  Have you given yourself “Mom time” of late? If not, I challenge you to make that time for yourself.  Take time to exercise, to eat right, to get enough sleep, to get pampered, to spend time with your girlfriends talking about things other than kids, take time alone with your husband.  When you take time for yourself, you will become a happier healthier you!

So how is Oprah going to go from over 200 lbs to a much lighter weight (she doesn’t have a goal weight, but rather wants to be strong and healthy)?  Oprah is FINALLY going to do what I have been pleading moms to do for the past 7 years!  She is going to do much less slow cardio and more weights!!!!  I just about jumped off the couch when she said “I am going to focus more on resistance training this year!”  Ahh finally, I hope that one sentences will cause millions of moms to overcome their hesitation to weight train.

Oprah’s weight loss plan is to lift 6 days a week, splitting her body up into groups.  Chest/tris one day, back/biceps/shoulders another day, and legs another day.  She will rotate between these three splits.  On top of that, she will do 30 min of aerobics everyday.  She demonstrated that cardio should be intense enough that it is possible to carry a conversation on, but very unpleasent and hard to do.  This is generally consistent with an intensity level of 70% of a persons max heart rate.

Oprah’s weight loss diet is very simple… she says the key is planning out every meal and knowing what you are going to eat for the week.  She has every meal and snack written out on a chart, and then eats the same menu each week.  Her diet consists of lean proteins, lots of veggies, some complex carbs, and some healthy fats.  hmm have you heard that before from somewhere 🙂

What I think about the plan:

Overall I am extremely pleased with Oprah’s weight loss plan and am sure that if she follows it she will be in amazing shape!  There are a few things, however, that I would change or at least want you to be aware of.  It looks like Oprah will be spending between 60-75 min for each day working out.  Now, most moms could make that time for themselves, but would be very impractical.  I believe that most moms can achieve amazing results by exercising 3 days a week for 45 min, and living an active healthy lifestyle on the other days.  Oprah is following a typical bodybuilding/athlete plan where she breaks her muscle groups up and only works part of the body each day.  The benefit of this is that you can isolate and really focus on certain muscle groups with more intensity because you are spending more time working each muscle.  But the negative is that you are not working all of the muscle groups each time, which decreases the amount of calories burned during the workout and the overall muscle usage.   This plan is great if you have time to go to the gym 5-6 days a week, but for the average mom, 3 days of total body weight training with challenging weights will produce nearly the same, if not better results then 6 days a week lifting.  Oprah seems to use quite a few resistance machines for her workout.  Machines are easy to use, but they don’t provide as much real world application as working mostly with free weights and bodyweight.  The core doesn’t have to work hard on machines to stabilize the body.  Watch a video on the type of workout I would have Oprah do. I would recommend that Oprah incorporates more high intensity intervals into her workouts.  I applaud her for showing what 70%  intensity looks like, which is much higher then most women (and men) do their cardio at but I would like to see her do some all-out-efforts or bursts of cardio that last between 20-60 seconds each, followed by a period of rest to recover.  This has been shown to be 5-9 times more effective at burning fat then steady state cardio.

As for nutrition, I couldn’t agree with her more!  Simple meals based around simple ingredients and foods combined together

So there you have it!  I am confident Oprah will take the time she needs for herself and get to the weight that she feels the best and more healthy at!  I hope you do the same!

I will be giving details soon of an upcoming weight loss/health program that I am creating that I believe will help 1000’s of moms from across the world take time for themselves and bring massive amounts of positive change to their lives!

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