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“I have a more positive outlook. I used to carry a lot of shame, not just about how I looked but about who I am. Thank you TC!”

Jennifer Thompson


Voted Best Alternative Fitness Center in Madison, WI

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May 23rd -July 4th


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Come As You Are

The Place Where People & Community Come First

The place where you never have to worry about what you wear, whether you know how to do the exercises, or what you look like because we welcome all.

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Keep fitness fun with varying workout structures and exercises that continue to challenge and progress you to the results of your dreams!


We give you the tools to help you transform your mindset and nutrition, so you can continue to live your life without restrictions!


Lasting results don’t happen alone. Join others like you to make healthy living a lifestyle by colaberating, not competing. We are stronger together!

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Fit Over 50

Small Group Personal Training, with safe, functional fitness to improve balance, flexibility and strength for those in their 50s and above

Killer Kurves

Supportive, non-judgmental weight loss program for those with 40 or more pounds to lose

Sweat Fit

Fast, effective and fun workouts to build strength, lean muscle, and overall fitness

The Transformation Center Team is Here For You.

What They’re Saying

“I got my husband to do 50 chair squats with me!
This is a huge win for me because he has been resistant to join me on my health and wellness journey.
And he just sent me recipes for high protein veggie dishes!
I'm so excited!”

Katie Meyer

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