Sarah Carlson uses Fit Fun Bootcamps to lose over 6 inches off her waist |

Sarah Carlson uses Fit Fun Bootcamps to lose over 6 inches off her waist

Sarah Carlson Before Fit Fun Bootcamps I was always a runner, assuming some kind of cardio would keep me fit. And it did, until kids. After my daughter was born (now 5) I lost most of my pregnancy weight. But I got pregnant with my son (now 3), unplanned, when she was only 12 months old. After he was born in June of 2007, I was looking at about 20 pounds of extra weight. The scale read 138 and Iím 5 foot 3. I was also terribly overwhelmed by two kids under two years old, a demanding career and shift, and other personal problems.

I started Fit Fun Bootcamp in January of 2008, when my son was 6 months old, and I havenít stopped since. The weight came off quickly when I started going twice a week. By January of 2009 I was down to 120 and a few months later 115. This was also around the time I started dealing with a very traumatic separation and divorce.

Sarah Carlson After Fit Fun BootcampsContinuing at bootcamp was and is a huge part of my survival. I am 113 pounds today and I go to Bootcamp religiously, plus I still run (stress relief!) 3-4 times a week. I eat healthy but I also eat what I want a lot because I work out so much. Iíve learned itís about how much a person consumes as much as it is what they consume.

So I join my kids for their daily treat but Iím careful. Dustinís classes are perfect because theyíre different every week and a lot of fun! Itís great to be in a room full of people with the same goal. The fitness level varies widely but he can still make the class easy enough for a new face, but tough enough for someone like me whoís been coming for years. The exercise, the friends, and knowing that I can do more push ups and pull ups than most guys out there!

-Sarah Carlson