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Meet The People @ Fit Moms Transformation Center


Dustin Maher


Owner of Fit Moms Transformation Center & Founder of Fit Moms For Life Inspired by his own stay-at-home mom, who cared for everyone else without making enough time for herself, A.C.E. certified personal trainer Dustin Maher has devoted his life to helping moms get in the best shape of their lives. Although he’s trained bodybuilders, athletes, and models, Dustin’s favorite clients are moms, partly because they often need him—and the “me time” of a workout—the most, and partly because he believes that good health for the entire family begins with a fit mom. “When I inspire a mom to exercise smarter and change the foods that she buys for her family, her kids want to do what she is doing,” says Dustin. “So not only do I get to help the mother, but also the next generation–and, once in a while, the husband as well.” Often called the “trainer to America’s moms,” Dustin is the founder of the Fit Moms for Life (FM4L) movement, owns and operates 10 fitness locations, has created 30 home workout DVDs, and has appeared on network television over 100 times. He is also the author of Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids and the producer of the documentary Fit Moms for Life: the Million Mom Movement. Since Dustin can only train a finite number of moms personally, he is helping fellow trainers build their business and attract an endless supply of clients with his Fit Moms for Life certification and licensing programs, which give other trainers the very model that he used to create his thriving enterprise. In addition to that, he’s pursuing his vision of creating a Million Mom Movement of mothers empowering mothers, with a goal to start 14,000 FM4L community groups that will help like-minded moms connect with, motivate, and support each other in living a healthy life. Why 14,000? It’s the same as the number of McDonald’s restaurants that are currently in America, and Dustin feels that getting healthy should be as accessible to America’s moms as fast food is in our society. “Moms do so much for everyone else; they deserve to feel—and look—their best,” says Dustin. Think of Fit Moms as his way of saying: “Thanks, moms!”


The Transformation Center Team


Anita Peters - Client Support Specialist


Anita joined the Transformation Center staff in July, 2014. If you call or email with questions about TC programs or billing questions, you’re likely to talk to her.  Anita also facilitates a weekly Fit Moms for Life work-based group in Madison. She also assists with marketing efforts, special events and workshops.

Anita began working out with Dustin with Mamatone (now Fit Moms) in 2011 and is a successful client from the Killer Kurves program. Anita has a failed weight loss surgery story but credits Killer Kurves and her work with Tracie Fountain for teaching her how to eat and exercise correctly to maintain good health and energy.

Anita has a Masters degree in Social Work from Michigan State University and spent over 25 years working in child welfare, at the city, county and state level of government, most recently as the Director of Permanency Services for the State of Michigan before moving to Madison in 2011.  Anita lives in Madison with her husband, Michael and enjoys traveling to visit their 4 adult children and their awesome and wonderful granddaughter, Gloria. Anita can be found most mornings at Fit Moms and is very grateful for the community that the Transformation Center provides.

Connie Salmon - Customer Support & Inventory


Connie began working at the Transformation Center in its early stages when it just moved to its current location. Connie provides support for new and current clients and manages inventory. Before joining the Transformation Center Team she worked as a personal secretary and bookkeeper for an entrepreneur for over 38 years. When she isn’t at the Transformation Center, Connie enjoys spending time with her family at their cabin along the Mississippi River. You can often find Connie behind the front desk at the Transformation Center. Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.

Kelly Thomas - Public Relations and Media Specialist


Kelly joined the Fit Moms Transformation Team in May of 2014, helping spread the word about Fit Moms Transformation Center locally and Fit Moms For Life nationally through Facebook and Twitter.  She was a client well before that!  Kelly started working out with Dustin in 2008, enjoying MamaTone classes and working off those pesky pounds she gained during pregnancy.  After more than 10 years staying at home with her son, working out and eating right, she has shed 30 lbs and is working at keeping it off as she has returns to part-time work in her favorite area of expertise, Public Relations.  Before staying home with her son she was the Marketing Manager / Mindshare Specialist at Inacom Information Systems from 1999 – 2004. 

She loves living in Middleton/Madison with her husband Matt and son Mason.  Fit Moms Transformation Center is more than a job or fitness center, it’s become her community of support and inspiration!  You can meet Kelly at the 9:20 am Fit Moms classes, sweating away, most days of the week or at many of our special events…chat it up with her in person or online!

Tessa Dorresteijn - Public Relations and Transformation Center Manager


Tessa joined the Transformation Center Team in December of 2014. After graduating with a degree in Development Studies and living abroad for many years, she switched gears and returned to Madison where she is happy to call home! At the Transformation Center Tessa provides support for new and current clients, manages the Transformation Center trainers and staff, and assists in facilitating new programs and events.

When she isn’t at the Transformation Center Tessa enjoys staying active. You can often find her training for stair climbing races with Dustin or training for triathlons. She also enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes, although not all are successful ventures! Most of all Tessa loves being an aunt to her niece Charlotte and nephew Wesley. You can often find Tessa taking part in the 9:20 am Fit Moms classes or behind the front desk. Please stop by and say hi!


Fit Moms For Life – National Program


Emily Green - Director


After experiencing for herself how powerful and transformative the Fit Moms for Life community could be, Emily felt compelled to pay it forward. In December 2013, she left her 20 year career in the non-profit sector to help Dustin build the national Fit Moms for Life movement. She is behind the FM4L 6 Week Challenge and Fit Moms Monthly programs and is working to meet our audacious goal of reaching 1 million moms and supporting 14,000 local FM4L groups, 1 for every McDonalds in the US! She is a mom of two active and energetic young boys and enjoys doing almost anything outside, especially with her family. She is an avid sailboat racer in the summer and also loves paddling, swimming, biking, and hiking. Her next goal is to learn kite surfing! She spends almost as much time on the lakes in the winter, iceboating, skiing, and skating with her boys. You can often find Emily at either the 5:30 AM Bootcamp or a Fit Moms class, or you can reach her at—she’d love to talk national FM4L any time!

Renee Cefalu - Social Media Specialist


Renee has studied health and healing for over twenty years and holds a bachelor of science in human services.  She has nutrition and health coach training certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is also a Life Strategies Coach in the areas of psychological health and well-being.

She has a wide variety of employment experiences ranging from Realtor, Substitute Teaching, Social Worker, Manager of a Resource Center, High School Athletic Department Coordinator and Health and Wellness Coaching.

Renee has been working with Dustin since June of 2011.  She worked as his PR for the release of his book Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Out Play Your Kids and created a network with over 1,200 bloggers for promoting his book and products through reviews and giveaways. She has also manages Dustin’s social media and grew 113,000 fans to over 1.5M combined fans on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  She now tag teams managing social media with Kelly.

Renee and her family have always been health and fitness conscious. She has two beautiful children a girl 22 and a boy 19 and as a family they enjoy hiking, biking, cross country and downhill skiing, kayaking and anything having to do with being in nature. They also enjoy working in prairie restoration, prescribed burns along with picking wild flower and grass seed for their five acres of prairie. Renee loves reading and researching topics related to politics, environment, economy, food industry, alternative medicine, and nutritional health.




Ryan DeRose

Ryan DeRose

  • Bachelors Degree (UW-Madison) – Double Majors: Kinesiology (Exercise Movement & Science) and Psychology
  • Doctorate Degree (UW-Madison) – Physical Therapy
  • ACE Certified Personal trainer
  • CPR Certified
  • Anatomy / Physiology Peer Leader

Ryan is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and recently completed his Doctorate degree in the Physical Therapy Program at UW-Madison in May of 2012. He has trained hundreds of clients within Circuit Training/Total Body fitness classes, small group classes, and one-on-one training for the past 5 years. He also has much experience working within Physical Therapy clinics and developing exercise programs for clients to recover from a multitude of injuries as well as rehabilitation post operatively (e.g. shoulder rotator cuff repairs, total knee replacements, back surgeries, etc.). He stresses the importance of making exercise and nutrition a part of one’s everyday life not only to prevent future injuries, but also because of its many physiological and mental health benefits. Ryan is highly motivated and loves working with other people to obtain their future health goals. In his free time, Ryan loves to play sports of any kind (volleyball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, etc.), run, swim, plays drums in a Country band, be outdoors, go camping, and spend time with family and friends.

Ashton Savoie


  • RN, BSN
  • A.C.E. Certified
  • CPR/AED Certified

Ashton is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Nursing. In college she taught group fitness classes which included, group strength, cardio, core crunch, box, and drill-down. It was during these classes that she found her love for group fitness. She has always been active, participating in sports and doing work out videos with her mom when she was younger. But, group fitness was more than just an activity; it became a passion of hers. She has experienced the power of participating in physical activity in a group setting and how it can have a profoundly positive impact on a person’s life. She is very grateful and excited to be a part of what will become the best part of your day: Bootcamp! Ashton is full of energy and determination. She will push you just outside your comfort zone to reach your fitness goals, all the while motivating you and cheering you on! Each class she looks forward to making you sweat, challenging you, seeing you reach your goals, and having fun. Ashton works as a pediatric nurse in the ICU at American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison. She loves to play volleyball, run, canoe, sing, play just dance on the wii, drink coffee and spend time with family and friends.

Margaret Adelmeyer

Margaret Adelmeyer

  • BS-Elementary Ed
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Group Instructor
  • Adult CPR/AED Certified

Margaret is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in elementary education. She taught 3rd grade in Johnson Creek for two years before pursuing a career in fitness. Being active has always been a huge part of her and her family’s life. Her best childhood memories were spent outdoors biking, canoeing, swimming and hiking. Margaret started Dustin’s Fit Moms for Life DVDs when she graduated college and moved away from Madison. The convenience of the intense workouts was just what she was looking for to stay in shape. When Margaret moved back to Madison, she was eager to start attending bootcamps, and has since come on as an instructor for Fit Fun Bootcamps. Because of sports, she has experienced the power of participating in group fitness, and the profound impact it had on her life outside of being physically fit. Margaret has a passion for fitness and health, and enjoys competing in triathlons and local races, being challenged in the gym, watching and playing sports, and spending time with her family, including her Puggle, Lenny. Margaret is very enthusiastic and determined. She believes the group atmosphere will motivate and encourage you to reach your full potential!

Joe Collins

Joe Collins

  • UMass-Amherst B.S. in Kinesiology
  • UW-Milwaukee M.S. in Biomechanics
  • UW-Madison – Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • CPR/AED certified

Joe received a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Joe then went on to UW-Milwaukee where he received a Master’s degree in biomechanics where he gained a vast knowledge of how the body moves. Joe most recently graduated with a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy at UW-Madison where he has gained experience working with patients toward their goals of regaining health and function. Joe now works full time as a physical therapist at American Family Children’s Hospital. Joe has nine years of personal training and strength and conditioning experience starting with personal training at Gold’s gym during undergrad. He was the strength and conditioning coach for high school female club volleyball players geared toward improving performance while decreasing injury risk. Joe has a passion for exercise and health, he exercises almost every day and consumes a very healthy diet. Joe competes in triathlons and plays just about every sport, usually football, basketball and beach volleyball.

Liz Grosspietsch

Liz Grosspietsch

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX Suspension Certified Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified

Liz graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Sociology. After working retail management for a few years she had two boys with her husband Chris. When her boys were 1 and 3 she found Dustin’s programs. After finding huge success with Dustin’s Fit Moms classes and loosing 60 pounds Liz decided to pay it forward an became a certified trainer. She now lives her passion of showing others what living a healthy life is all about. Liz hopes that others can find happiness in their lives by taking care of themselves so they can better take care of those around them. When she is not at the gym Liz is busy chasing after her growing boys, enjoying time with friends and family, and volunteering at school. Liz also can be found running, skiing, boating, cooking, and reading. She loves helping people to find balance in their lives by incorporating exercise, healthy eating, and overall wellness. Liz reaches the Killer Kurves program on the East side and also at the Transformation Center.

Shelley Koch

IMG_0674 - Version 2

  • A.C.E. Certified

Shelley joined the Transformation Center team in March of 2014, working on our national Fit Moms For Life program as well as our local TC programming.  As a long time client in both the Fit Moms and Killer Kurves programs, Shelley lost over 25lbs and even more inches with the support of these communities.  In addition to the weight loss, she gained back her health and confidence and became a certified personal trainer!  Shelley now leads our evening Killer Kurves program and loves every minute of her time with this community!  When not at the TC working out with or leading the K2 community, she can be found playing, hiking and hanging out with her 3 children and husband, travelling or dreaming about travelling and/or enjoying time gabbing away with her friends. No matter where you are in your weight loss, health or fitness journey, Shelley encourages you to give your already awesome self the gift of a healthy, active life! Shelley loves chatting about the amazing community at the TC and her continuing health and weight loss journey, so be sure to stop and introduce yourself or shoot her an e-mail!

Michelle Minkus


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX Suspension Certified Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified

Michelle graduated from UW-Madison with a BS in history and then earned a MA-ed from Columbia University. After teaching high school in Manhattan and Verona for 15 years, she “retired” after the birth of her second daughter. That is when she also began attending Fit Moms and Bootcamps. Having never enjoyed organized exercise classes before, Michelle found a home at the Transformation Center. After a few years of bootcamp and other training regimens, Michelle made the leap and earned her own training certification. Being a trainer naturally combines two of her passions, teaching and fitness. Michelle can often be found running, walking, hiking, biking, attending yoga classes or extending a healthy family style in her kitchen, when she is not chasing her two girls. She is thrilled to be a part of the Transformation Center team as both a participant and trainer.

Jessica Grantman


  • Certified Natural Trainer (CNT) Monkey Bar Gymnasium, 2012
  • MSW- Mental Health, 2015

I love using fitness as a platform for working with someone in creating the life they want. Not only does fitness serve as a means for transforming the outer body, but also it can function as a catalyst for changing the inner self. My passion for fitness took fruit when I was looking for some alternative ways to engage in life and have fun. I started out running and when I was not seeing the results I wanted, I started working with my own body weight in addition to free weights. My body started changing the way I wanted it to and I discovered the beauty of fitness, in that the goals and challenges are infinite. I am always exposing myself to new and exciting ways of challenging the mind and body, so I can bring those challenges to those around me. I encourage others to see fitness and healthy eating as a lifestyle and something to be integrated into the way they live everyday and for the rest of life. When I am not in the gym, I am reading, on the lake, looking for a new adventure, or learning something new. I recently just finished my Master’s degree in Social work with an emphasis on mental health. I value family and relationships above anything else. I believe the best thing we can do for others is take care of ourselves and strive to live the best life possible.

Erin Tallard

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • Fitness & Health Club Specialist Certificate: MATC

FullSizeRender (18)

Erin has been into fitness for going on 6 years. It started as a way to be healthier in general but soon turned into a strong passion and desire to help others. He’s played soccer and lacrosse all through high school and went on to get an Associates Degree in Architecture from MATC. He then went back to school and studied personal training, group exercise, health club management, nutrition and got certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise shortly after. He loves to cook and can often be found trying new recipes and finding new ways to make simple meals tasty and exciting. Having found the Transformation Center he loves how it incorporates both fitness and nutrition to help others reach their goals, along with the friendly atmosphere both clients and trainers make up.

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